IV Sedation

Painless, anxiety reducing, IV sedation dentistry, also known as "Sleep Dentistry" is what our patients expect and deserve. Having it any other way would almost for sure reduce their level of health. The Northwood Dental team strives to eliminate every obstacle that might discourage the building of positive dental care habits.

Visiting the dentist on a regular basis should be a welcomed event rather than a less than positive experience. Dental office visits might be avoidable for a short time, but a continued absence has disadvantages you probably understand all too well.

Staying away can dramatically impact your dental and overall health; so end your sabbatical from dental care, and stop oral health decline. We can make dental visits a positive routine, Northwood Dental has put together a total comfort setting for our patients.

Sedation is a vital element in creating this level of anxiety-free, comfort and making dental treatment painless. Another way we hope to address the concerns and overcome any fears still associated with dentistry is to alleviate them with comprehensive communication.

Review our web presentation to find out how sedation dentistry has helped our patients take back health and boost confidence.

Sedation dentistry is the most common method used in the U.S. to calm patients and improve the treatment experience. The comprehensiveness of IV sedation is a tremendous leap ahead in convenience of treatment especially with more complex procedures, and overall stress relief, before and after each visit. What's more, IV introduction of medication achieves a high level of distraction and comfort. That means most patients barely remember their treatment, as if they were sleeping during their visit.

For sedation comfort, and the restorative and cosmetic dentistry results you deserve, contact our Northwood Dental office here in Traverse City, Michigan. Email or Call (231) 947-7202

Find out below what dental treatment could benefit from sedation or click the following links for more information.

Sedation Dentistry Testimonials

Dental Treatments Utilizing Sedation

  • Complex Smile Makeovers
  • Dental Implant Placement (More on Implants)
  • Wisdom Teeth Removal
  • Abscessed /Impacted Teeth
  • Reconstructive Surgery (Jaw, Facial, Bone)
  • Temporomandibular Jaw Joint (TMJ) Dysfunction/Disorder
  • Routine Oral Surgery (bone, gum, tooth extractions, etc.)
  • Complex or Multiple Root Canals (More on Root Canals) Note: most root therapy actually does not require oral sedation
  • Other routine dental care can be performed with sedation; just ask a Northwood Dental team member.

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