Smiling Patients

While I never had a perfect smile, for the last five years I have been noticing how much my teeth have changed. They did not match well with my other teeth, having yellowed a lot. A few months ago, I noticed the smile of someone at the fitness center. Their teeth were perfectly white and healthy looking. So, I asked who their dentist was, and they said, 'Dr. Klym'.
I am a very happy customer. I had veneers put on all of my teeth. I look like I am 29 instead of 73. They are all well trained and up to date on the latest technology. Their office reflects that. The environment is comfortable and inviting. I would only go to the best.
Their office persona is excellent. It was all personalized and not rushed. I was never made to feel nervous. The atmosphere was calming and by having sedation, the implant treatment seemed to happen very quickly. They followed up after my appointment and were genuine in caring about how I was doing. The only thing they could not help with was my regret for not having done this sooner.
Tom T.
I needed help. I walked into the clinic and the staff took an Xray within 10 minutes. I was then scheduled for an extraction the next morning. When I arrived for the extraction, Dr. Klym and his staff were outstanding in reassuring me and comforting me. I did use sedation. When the procedure was over, the staff ensured I got to my car safely. They instructed my wife on things to do when we got home. Later that evening, Dr. Klym, himself. called me to see how I was doing. I cannot express how happy I am with the services of Dr. Klym and his staff. Thank you.
John W.
Awesome place and people! Kedna is great. She always has a smile. I could almost fall asleep while she cleans my teeth. She is that good! Johanna at the front desk is a delight. Dr. Klym is also great. He is calm and explains exactly what he is going to do and why every time. He's the best in this area for sure. Lots of high-tech equipment as well. I often wonder why it took me so long to start coming here.
I've never had implants before. So, I was delighted Dr. Klym was trained in oral sedation. I was also apprehensive about the cost. Mostly because I did not know personally, how dental implants worked, and wanted to be sure the treatment would be worth it. I was not rushed; Dr. Klym made sure I was comfortable and relaxed before he started. After all the years of dentistry, I was very happy with how the sedation helped everything to breeze right by.
My wife Carol had cosmetic surgery performed by Dr. Klym and his staff. The surgery has helped my wife so much, emotionally. She feels great about the way she looks. They improved her smile and her confidence along with it. Dr. Klym has a good manner with his clients, he is very friendly and his staff is wonderful. We know he is the best dentist in Traverse City.
Roy T.
I have had a lot of dental work done in my life because I grind my teeth. I wore them down so badly that my lower front teeth had the nerve exposed. I went to see Dr. Klym and it has been two years since the last cap went on and not a day goes by that I don't think about how great my mouth looks and how wonderful I feel. My son in law calls me Hollywood because my smile is so nice.
Jim M.

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