Benefits of IV Sedation Dentistry

Imagine if you could have something like dental implant treatment completed in what seems like only a "few" minutes. That "almost no time has passed" feeling is a major reason why Northwood Dental patients, looking for complete comfort, are able to stay on track with their health.

If concerns, worries, or fears have kept you from improving your dental health, I.V. sedation by Dr. Brian Klym can change your outlook and make possible a rejuvenated smile.

Whether it is an aesthetic smile makeover or complex reconstructive treatment with dental implants, the feeling is the same: what might take a few hours ends up feeling like a few minutes. Additionally, multiple dental office visits can often be reduced to a few appointments or even one treatment visit with IV sedation.

VIDEO: Dr. Klym Talks About Sedation Dentistry

Being anxious, afraid, or fearful about visiting the dentist should no longer keep you from having the smile, and oral health you have always wanted. IV sedation dentistry completely changes the treatment experience for patients with dental visit anxiety, and those requiring extensive treatment.

  • Enhance the appearance of your smile
  • Reverse the decline of your oral health
  • Never be embarrassed by your smile again
  • No longer be fearful of dental pain or treatment visits

Everything noted above is accomplished in "seemingly no time”! And it’s all made possible by Dr. Klym's skills in sedation, cosmetic and advanced restorative dentistry.

Remove your doubt by letting Dr. Klym, and our Northwood Dental Team help eliminate all your concerns, and worries: Contact us or call us at (231) 947-7202 today!

Why Northwood Dental Patients Chose Sedation?

Our Patient: Helen M.

"I probably would have come in earlier but dentists have always seemed scary to me. Rather than being afraid or apprehensive, I had a very nice and relaxing experience. I loved it! Sedation dentistry helped me get through the treatment part; it made it pain free."

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Our Patient: Tom T.

"The Northwood Dental office staff was very good to me and explained everything I wanted with various options. Their office persona is excellent. It was all personalized and not rushed. I was never made to feel nervous. The atmosphere was calming and by having sedation, the implant treatment seemed to happen very quickly. They followed up after my appointment and were genuine in caring about how I was doing. The only thing they could not help with was my regret for not having done this sooner. Of course, I would have needed to know about Dr. Klym anyway."

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Our Patient: Alva S.

"I've never had implants before. So, I was delighted Dr. Klym was trained in sedation, which made me feel even more comfortable about proceeding. I was also apprehensive about the cost. Mostly because I did not know personally, how dental implants worked, and wanted to be sure the treatment would be worth it in time and money."

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