Stunning Smile Makeover Veneers

Dental veneers achieve superior smile symmetry. Expect a lifelike, brighter, whiter and rewarding result with this advanced cosmetic dentistry technique. This thin wafer of porcelain has many noteworthy tooth transformation qualities. With veneers, Dr. Klym achieves a blend of health and beauty his patients value.

Porcelain veneer restorations whiten stained and discolored teeth and visually balance tooth alignment. Traverse City residents with gaps in their smile or crooked or misshapen teeth will get a confident transformation with veneers. While the natural beauty of veneers is undeniable, they have other traits as well.

Helen's New Smile Veneers

Intra-oral View

Smile Close Up

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Veneers: For You Too! 

Smile makeovers might sound like something "other people have done" but this level of cosmetic dentistry does more than straighten teeth and make smiles beautiful. As a dentist focused on total health, Dr. Klym also uses veneers to restore teeth that have been damaged. They are bonded with existing tooth structure, achieving a strong, durable, and lifelike result.

Additionally, because veneers are thin, tooth preparation is minimal, which helps preserve natural teeth. In as little as two visits, you can have an exceptionally healthy and confident smile makeover. Dr. Klym also offers Lumineers®. Ask him about the Lumineers® smile makeover option to see if it is right for you.

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