Our Dentist, Dr. Klym

Brian P. Klym, DDS

I grew up in a dental family; my father was an Endodontist and my mother a dental hygienist.  My mother and father owned and ran a dental practice in Redondo Beach, California.  When I was five, my father went back to school to specialize in Endodontics: tooth-saving root canal therapy.  When we returned to the Detroit area, most of my family and their friends were in the dental community, so to a large extent I was destined to continue in this tradition and vocation.

With my father’s influence and family values, I strive to treat all my patients as I would expect to be treated, and as I would treat family or friends. I love the work I do, and am proud of the work I’ve performed, and the relationships I’ve formed over the years.  It’s an honor and privilege coming to work each day, knowing most of my patients, and considering them friends.

I’ve always been driven.  Since I was a child, I’ve pushed myself to be the best - whether it was in sports or my education.  After graduation, I quickly knew I wanted to further my education in the realm of implant dentistry, and from there it led me to desiring more knowledge in the study of the bite––how the teeth come together––and from there it led me into further study of cosmetics.  After obtaining each new skill or discipline, I could see another area I should work on.

Now with twenty plus years of dental practice experience and intensive ongoing training with the masters of dentistry, I can honestly say I have attained a masters level as well.  What achieving this level of expertise means is I am able to provide my patients with the full-range of dentistry available today that has considerable long term value. 

Right now I’m really excited about the new possibilities we have with CT-scan Guided implant dentistry.  The options are boundless.  I’m also very pleased with how comfortable I’m able to make patients with IV sedation dentistry.  It amazes me how much more comfortable patients are afterwards, having none of the stress or anxiety they would have had without IV sedation.


As a dentist I realize, even though I work with the latest treatments and technologies, there may be many dental care options new patients are unaware of.  Whether it comes to the type of tooth restoration, dental materials, quality of the teeth impression, or lab we choose, I encourage patients to learn more.  I know the longevity and the quality of the care I give is a direct result of my treatment recommendations, the work I perform, and of course the choices patients make. Yet I must make sure my patients understand their treatment options so they can make the most well informed choices.

I also know no one relishes the thought of sitting in a dental chair. So when I am developing a treatment plan, I’m thinking about a long term solution, not merely a quick fix.  I feel like my patients do - I don’t want the dentist working on the same tooth again next year. This type of care means fewer times in the dental chair, and for much shorter periods of time. 


  • Licensed in Michigan by the board of dentistry, and board of controlled substances since 1996.
  • Northeast Regional Boards passed May 1996


  • Graduated from Albion College with a bachelors degree in biology May of 1992.
  • Graduated from the University of Michigan with a Doctorate of Dental Surgery in May of 1996.


Externship in Oral Surgery at the University of Michigan Hospital during the summer in 1993 and 1994.

Fellowships and honors

  • Diplomate from the International Congress of Oral Implantologist (ICOI) received January 2018.
  • A Fellowship from the International Congress of Oral Implantologist (ICOI) received January of 1999.
  • Clinical consultant for the Dental Advisor Magazine from 1999 till present
  • Fellowship From the Misch Implant Institute 2009 Awarded after completing the Misch curriculum and taking an exam proving my mastery of Implantology

Continuing Education and Advanced Training

  • Louisiana Sate University’s Cosmetic Continuum
    A year long training in Cosmetic dentistry (1999).
  • OBI Foundation for Bioesthetic Dentistry training Levels 1, 2, and 3
    Training in the complete rehabilitation of the worn and pathological dentition (2001-2002).
  • The Misch Implant Institute
    One year surgical residence, implant prosthetic rehabilitation fixed and removable, advanced bone grafting, Surgical anatomy with cadaver dissection (1998-2009 Dr. Carl Misch).
  • Center for Advanced Dental Education
    20/20 oral Plastic Surgery training with Dr Pat Allen (April 2006).
  • Las Vegas Implant Institute
    Hydraulic Sinus Lift and Sinus grafting Procedures (October 2005 Dr. Leon Chen).
  • The Schuester Center for Professional Development
    A year long training in practice management and practice development (2000).
  • DOCS Oral Conscious Sedation Training 
    Certification in Oral Conscious Sedation (May 2008 Dr. Leslie Fang, MD & Dr. Anthony Feck, DDS).
  • Georgia Health Sciences University
    An intensive course in intravenous conscious sedation (2013-2014 Certification in intravenous Conscious Sedation – Dr. Lee Getter and Dr. H. W. Ferguson).
  • Advanced Training in Endodontics
    Dr. Steven Buchanon and Clifford Ruddle


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