Northwood Dental Patient – Helen

Northwood Dental helped Helen get the smile she wanted. Read how she feels about her new smile and her entire dentistry experience at our Traverse City office.

The last paragraph explains her treatment and how Dr. Klym restored and enhanced her smile. View Helen's cosmetic dentistry makeover.

VIDEO: Dr. Klym Talks About Sedation Dentistry


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Why Helen Wanted, Needed Dental Treatment...

"While I never had a perfect smile, for the last five years I have been noticing how much my teeth have changed. They did not match well with my other teeth, having yellowed a lot."

Why Helen Chose Northwood Dental...

"A few months ago, I noticed the smile of someone at the fitness center. Their teeth were perfectly white and healthy looking. So, I asked who their dentist was, and they said, 'Dr. Klym'."

How Sedation Helped Her Move Forward

"I probably would have come in earlier but dentists have always seemed scary to me. Rather than being afraid or apprehensive, I had a very nice and relaxing experience. I loved it! Sedation dentistry helped me get through the treatment part; it made it pain free."

Helen's Initial Concerns...

"I was worried about the temporaries (plastic restorations worn between the dental treatment visits). Just not sure what to expect - maybe the teeth would look fake. They looked great. But I couldn't wait till my permanent teeth were done."

How She Feels About Her Experience

"The entire Northwood Dental team was incredibly welcoming and calming, doing everything possible to make me comfortable. They reassured me that they were here to help in any way they could."

How Helen Feels About Her New Smile

"My new smile has made me even more confident. I feel healthier and smile a lot more. Everything looks very natural. My smile looks and feels just like I have always wanted!"

What Was Her Cosmetic Dentistry Treatment?

Helen had eight porcelain veneers placed by Dr. Klym. The smile makeover veneers aligned, lengthened and restored her teeth as well as brightened her appearance and greatly improved her confidence. With sedation dentistry, her visit and treatment were very comfortable.

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