Northwood Dental Patient – Tom T.

Our Northwood Dental Team successfully restored Tom's missing tooth. Read how he feels about his new tooth and his treatment at our Traverse City office.

The last paragraph explains his treatment and how Dr. Klym was able to achieve lifelike results with implant dentistry. View Tom's dental implant makeover.

VIDEO: Dr. Klym Talks About Sedation Dentistry


Tom's Dental Implant Testimonial ~ @1:16

Why Tom Finally Had Implant Treatment...

"About a year and a half ago my tooth broke. While it affected my chewing and eating, what had the most effect on me was how embarrassed I was about missing a tooth. Essentially, I quit smiling. I tried a couple times to get it fixed, but was not happy with those experiences like when my regular dentist referred me to another office. That office made me feel like I was just one more tooth to work on. Everything was rushed. All business. No one seemed to focus on or have time for my concerns.

One instance stands out. It was very clinical and impersonal. I was put in a room – made to watch a video – afterwards they said, 'What do you think?' It wouldn't be appropriate to say what I thought of the experience. I am just glad the attitude Dr. Klym and his team have is 180 degrees opposite."


Why Tom Chose Northwood Dental

"I ended up here for a number of reasons. First, I need to credit my wife for finding Dr. Klym. She called here (Northwood Dental) after hearing about how nice everyone is. Since I was going to need an implant, I was also glad Dr. Klym had training in oral sedation dentistry. Finally, everything is done in one place. They are full service. I can get my teeth cleaned and most of the care I would usually go to a specialist for."

How Tom's Dental Care Outlook Changed

"My first visit confirmed what my wife had said. The dental office staff was very good to me and explained everything I wanted with various options. Their office persona is excellent. It was all personalized and not rushed. I was never made to feel nervous. The atmosphere was calming and by having sedation, the implant treatment seemed to happen very quickly. They followed up after my appointment and were genuine in caring about how I was doing. The only thing they could not help with was my regret for not having done this sooner. Of course, I would have needed to know about Dr. Klym anyway."

How He Feels About His New Smile

"I can chew and eat just like I could before. Even though having the dental implant (with a natural looking restoration) has increased my confidence a lot, I need to learn to smile again. You know what I mean if you have gone a long time covering your smile, or a missing tooth. But I am more then ready to start a new habit."

What Tom's Telling Others About Our Office

"I will continue to highly recommend Northwood Dental to all my friends and family. I am trying to get everyone I know switch to their office. Many of my extended family members have already done so!"

What Was Tom's Dental Treatment?

Tom had been missing a tooth for many years after getting it pulled by an oral surgeon. He was looking for a dental office that would treat him in a respectful and comprehensive manner. His wife told him about Northwood Dental and Dr. Brian Klym.

There was no need to travel to another office; Dr. Klym was able to place the dental implant and restore his tooth right here. The treatment was a success in many ways: sedation made it painless; the cost was lower than he was quoted elsewhere, the quality of care was exceptional, and his overall confidence was boosted.

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