Northwood Dental Patient – Alva S.

Northwood Dental helped Alva get the smile enhancement results she wanted. Read how she feels about her new smile and her cosmetic dentistry treatment, and experience at our Traverse City office.

The last paragraph explains her dental treatment and how Dr. Klym enhanced her smile. View her total oral health and cosmetic smile makeover.

VIDEO: Dr. Klym Talks About Sedation Dentistry


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Why Alva Needed, Wanted Dental Treatment

"I have had teeth and jaw problems for many years as well as having difficulty chewing. With missing teeth, I also smile a lot less and I know it is not good for my overall health."

Why She Chose Northwood Dental

"I like Dr. Klym and everyone here is great. Of course, Dr. Klym's education and background made me feel very comfortable about the treatment he recommended. They are very knowledgeable. I felt if I came to an office where I knew and trusted the people, I would be treated right."

Concerns Alva Had About Sedation, Implant Dentistry

"I've never had implants before. So, I was delighted Dr. Klym was trained in oral sedation, which made me feel even more comfortable about proceeding. I was also apprehensive about the cost. Mostly because I did not know personally, how dental implants worked, and wanted to be sure the treatment would be worth it in time and money."

What Alva Thought of Her Treatment Experience

"Because they prepared me, I had peace of mind. So both the day before and day of my appointment were a lot easier than I had expected. From their greeting, the minute I walked in to how responsive the (Northwood Dental) staff was, made me feel very secure. I was not rushed; Dr. Klym made sure I was comfortable and relaxed before he started. After all the years of dentistry, I was very happy with how the sedation helped everything to breeze right by."

How She Feels About Her New Smile

"I was very excited about the outcome even two weeks before they put the permanent new teeth (lifelike restorations) on my implants. I thought More chewing power will be great. Plus looking healthier and younger will make me feel better as well!"

What She Says About Our Dental Team

"I could say many more great things about Dr. Klym and his staff and I will when I talk with my friends and family in and around Traverse City. But the fact that they were able to help get me to this place (decide to proceed) and gave me a smile I did not think I would ever have again, says a whole lot more."

What Was Her Dental Treatment?

She was missing many teeth in her upper jaw and other teeth were worn down. Dentures would lack the vitality and self-assurance her personality exuded. With Dr. Klym's advanced training in implant, cosmetic and anxiety free dentistry, he was able to achieve the results she desired: complete health, comfort and confidence.

Dr. Klym rejuvenated her outlook with six smile makeover veneers on her front teeth. He restored her oral health and function with six implants with natural looking metal free crowns on her posterior teeth. Retirement and Alva's six-month stay each year in Traverse City seems to be working out very nicely, something about her smile gives it away.

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