Iceman Cometh Bike Challenge: Local Dentist 1st in Class

Celebration was the theme of the day for Traverse City dentist Brian Klym after the Iceman Cometh Challenge November 6, 2010. An annual event, the 'Challenge' Mountain Bike Race starts in Kalkaska Michigan and ends in Traverse City.

Dr. Klym finished 1st in his division/class and everyone at the event celebrated Gary Fisher's 60th birthday (photo below). Fisher the God Father of Mountain Biking and designer of Trek Bikes was the main sponsor for the event.

Here, Dr. Klym celebrates 1st Place Finish in his division.


(In picture above, he is on 2nd place stand.)

More pictures below.

  • CLASS: Male Clydesdales 40 + 
  • Place - 1ST
  • Number - 3994
  • Name Brian Klym
  • Town Traverse City
  • State MI
  • Ice - 2:00:19

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Dr. Klym describes the photo below, "The guy signing my jacket is Gary Fisher the God Father of Mountain Biking. It was his 60th birthday and they were having a celebration for him as well. He is a designer for TREK Bikes. Gary Fisher and Trek are the main sponsors for Iceman."