Root Canals Part 2: Done Right, 1st Time

REVIEW the following concepts to understand in detail how Dr. Klym achieves “done right, the first time” results.


Diagnostic Precision Detailed

As Dr. Klym says, “Some elements of the root canal system can only be seen with the aid of magnification and advanced digital imaging.”

By employing microsurgical techniques like the K90003D, micro-instruments, ultrasonic tips and advanced based filling materials, the change of a root canal failure is reduced even more.

Dental Health Thoroughness

Meticulously cleaning out canal debris and sealing the tooth root is crucial. With this level of detail attentiveness, the positive tradeoff can be lifelong health rejuvenation rather than re-infection and cost and time consuming return visits.

Success Focused Treatment

Roots that are poorly cared for and inadequately filled will cause the failure of root canal treated teeth. The likelihood of saving teeth with a root canal is greatly increased when knowledge, skill and thoroughness are expertly intertwined.

Preventing Chronic, Costly Inconvenience

Second time around, retreated root canals are known to be less successful even with the best approach and in the most skillful hands.

Poor treatment can be the cause of chronic abscesses, which require more expensive re- treatment, inconveniencing you as well, and in too many cases, distressing tooth loss.

Positioned For Exceptional Precision

With the experience of thousands of root canals and advanced magnification, Dr. Klym can see what other dentists often cannot, like the FOUR canals first upper molars (teeth #3 and #14)

Without the latest microscopic tools and an experienced eye for this kind of detail, these tiny MB2 canals (mesiao-buccal) can be missed.

When that ‘fourth’ canal is left unfilled, infection of the tooth is likely to occur. This means the tooth will need a post and core crown buildup. Crowns breaking during treatment will again increase the treatment fee.

Redoing the root canal after a crown fracture, which occurred during removal, may mean taking out post and replacing with ANOTHER crown.

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