A Higher Level Of Convenience, Comfort, And Accuracy In Diagnosis Through Transillumination

a computer screen with an x-ray on it

The DEXIS CariVu™ transillumination technology gives Dr. Brian Klym, and patients like you, the ability to see into, and around, and about the tooth like never before. It provides dramatic topographic, and internal tooth structure illumination, as well as the visual detection of problem sites, and the extent of the disease, or tooth deterioration.

A technological advancement, to be legitimate, rather than a slight upgrade to existing technology, must be seen as a leap ahead of other systems. While the advancement may not replace every technology associated with the treatment area of concern, it is an obvious and beneficial addition. Those two indicators of noteworthy advancement have been successfully leapt in the case of the CariVu™ transillumination technology!

a pen like camera on a sterile metal tray

This small and portable device helps Dr. Klym much more quickly, and accurately identify cracks, decay, or other unhealthy developments on or in the tooth. The transillumination makes the tooth seem transparent, giving us a inside look at its structure, as the problem areas absorb the light, which then show up as dark blotches. This means the CariVu™ is exposing lesions (caries), cracks, and fissures with very high accuracy.

The CariVu™ is also an advancement over fluorescent imaging in three ways.

  1. It’s able to display/detect decay, and other problematic areas even before cleaning each individual tooth
  2. There is no need to make adjustments in the device specifically for each and every person or situation
  3. No identifying using an overly technical color coded system or numerical gauging method is required

While the CariVu™ system is best utilized with other diagnostic tools, it is not another x-ray, so there is no radiation involved, which is something very much welcomed by our patients. Dr. Brian Klym utilizes the DEXIS CariVu™ transillumination technology so he can continue to offer a higher level of convenience, comfort, and accuracy in diagnosis.

an x-ray of a tooth from the top
an X-ray of a tooth with a dark spot
Large Top Carries
an X-ray of a tooth with a severe dark spot
Severe Carries