We’re Pleased to Welcome Sarah to Our Practice

Dr. Brian Klym and our dental team are very thankful to have Sarah here. She comes to us with significant cosmetic dentistry experience from the dental lab perspective.

Sarah was actually sought out by the award-winning CMR Dental Laboratory, Team Aesthetics of Idaho, but she chose to stay in the Traverse City, Michigan area.

She is a great addition to our team. Sarah’s unique background allows her to help Dr. Klym in several areas. Assisting him in further improving the care he provides our patients as well as in implementing all the technologies we’re able to offer, now and in the future.

Sarah is married to Ryan and they have 3 daughters: Taylor, Ryan Adrienne, and Shea. She is very involved with her girls in their Northwestern 4H Group. This year they have been raising pigs for the Northwest Michigan Fair. Having grown up on a horse farm, Sarah has passed along the same passion to her daughters, which now has her coaching their Equestrian team.

Sarah and Ryan are avid cyclists, so there's plenty off-the-topic of dentistry talking going on about on-and-off quot;road biking quot; with Dr. Klym. Her outside of the practice competitive spirit blends in well with our dental team in the office, and her love of the outdoors fits right in with most of our patients.

We hope you can welcome Sarah as well the next time you call or stop into our practice. Call (231) 947-7202 today, to schedule a smile consultation!