Video About 90003D ~Enhanced Care, Diagnosis, Comfort, Safety and Convenience

In this video Dr. Klym discusses the advantages of the Kodak 9000 3D imaging system in reference to sleep apnea treatment possibilities, bone depth determination for placement of Implants, sinus blockage diagnosis, exact measurement for root canal treatment and more.

Our Northwood Dental Team, lead by Dr. Brian Klym, is equipped the Kodak 9000 3D imaging system. The addition of this exceptionally innovative and beneficial technology shows Northwood's continuing commitment to quality dentistry.

As the first restorative, cosmetic and general dentist in the area to utilize the Kodak 90003D digital scanner, Dr. Klym is able to enhance dental care for his patients in northwest Michigan in many ways. For example, oral diagnostics are improved, more treatment and examination comfort and convenience are achieved and it's much safer than conventional dentistry scanning systems.

Dr. Klym can now determine a diagnosis more accurately and rapidly with fewer repeat dental office visits while saving money and shortening your appointment time. "Before I even start, I can see the whole three-dimensional anatomy of the root canal where before I could not," says Northwood Dentist Brian Klym.

As a dentist focused on comprehensive dentistry, Dr. Klym is able to help patients with a multiple treatments enhanced by the Kodak 90003D.

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The Kodak 9000 allows patients to see in almost every direction as the scans are performed—increasing comfort. "You stand up with no confined feeling. It's a very open room and you can look out a window at nature. The scans average less than half a minute."


The 90003D makes it possible for Dr. Klym to perform more informed and precise procedures. "I get a three-dimensional 'model' of the bone, and that allows me to see things that I can't see two dimensionally," said Dr. Klym. "I can take precise measurements."


The Kodak 9000 uses significantly less radiation than many other imaging systems. As Dr. Klym explains, "[Other] medical scanners acquire images that use radiation doses of 40-60 times that of the cone beam that we're using. Ours is even less than the typical cone beam, so it's more like other scanners are 80 times more."

The Kodak 9000 imaging system allows Dr. Klym to capture and view three-dimensional images of a patient's mouth, allowing for an unprecedented level of anatomical detail—and a comprehensive assessment of a patient's oral health. The Kodak 3D imaging system is the latest in a series of events illustrating the continued development of Northwood Dental. To learn more about the Northwood dental office and our advanced treatments offered, contact (231) 947-7202.