Video: Total Dentistry Makeovers, Implants, Sedation in Traverse City

Around 50% of the population avoid going to dentists, averaging two years between dental visits, and of course, some people stay away from dentistry offices for decades. Some of these people have had bad experiences, are fearful, have anxiety, just not enough time, etc.

Waiting extra years means more dental work is needed when the person finally decides to come in.

Dr. Brian Klym and our Northwood Dental Team provide various benefits to those people from a comfortable environment to oral sedation dentistry.

The video provides a visual synopsis of those benefits.


Video Summary... 

Dr. Brian Klym of Traverse City, MI provides Painless, anxiety-free dentistry.

Dental care provided any other way would almost for sure reduce the level of oral health his patients would accept. The Northwood Dental team strives to overcome every obstacle that could discourage the building of positive dental care habits.

While dentists visits may be avoidable for a short time, a continued absence has disadvantages you probably understand all too well. End your dental care sabbatical!

Statistics show avoiding dental offices due to fear and worry dramatically impacts dental and overall health. Stop oral health decline.

Dr. Klym and our Northwood Dental team make dental visits a positive routine by working towards a total comfort setting for our patients.

Oral sedation is a vital element in creating this level of anxiety-free, comfort and making dental treatment painless.

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