Renewed Smiles: Patients Featured

Our patients come to Northwood Dental for many reasons. It might be about one tooth. Some request an entire smile makeover. Others simply to improve their oral health.

Dr. Brian Klym makes sure all of his patients get the care they deserve. The three patients featured in this online presentation are neighbors, friends and residents. People just like you.

Dentists Patient in Northwest Michigan Area - Tom - Implant DentistryBefore and After Smiles - Helen - Traverse City Dentists PatientBefore and After Smiles - Alva - Traverse City Dentists Patient

Alva wanted an entire health and smile makeover. With the right setting, a detailed treatment plan and oral sedation, she was able to achieve the results she wanted.

"I was very excited about the outcome even two weeks before they put the permanent new teeth (lifelike restorations) on my implants. I thought More chewing power will be great. Plus looking healthier and younger will make me feel better as well!"

Alva - smile makeover - implant, cosmetic dentistry

Tom had been concerned about a missing tooth for a long time. He wanted the right solution without any hassles. While it was only one tooth, it turned out to be exactly what the doctor ordered: health enhanced, confidence boosted.

"I can chew and eat just like I could before. Even though having the dental implant (with a natural looking restoration) has increased my confidence a lot, I need to learn to smile again. You know what I mean if you have gone a long time covering your smile, or a missing tooth. But I am more then ready to start a new habit."

Tooth Replacement implant - Tom

Helen was afraid of the dentist. However, her discolored teeth kept her thinking about dentistry. Then she saw someone smile with healthy and vibrant looking teeth. A few words were exchanged with her acquaintance at the fitness center about Northwood and Dr. Klym.

Shortly after her encounter, she was scheduling a visit with Dr. Klym for complete a cosmetic smile makeover.

"The entire Northwood Dental team was incredibly welcoming and calming, doing everything possible to make me comfortable. They reassured me that they were here to help in any way they could. My new smile has made me even more confident. I feel healthier and smile a lot more. Everything looks very natural. My smile looks and feels just like I have always wanted!"

Helen - Cosmetic Dentists smile makeover - patients teeth

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