Mouthguards: Reduce Risk, Save Teeth

We want you and your student athletes to be all smiles, all year!

Kids involved in sports are sixty (60) times more likely to damage a tooth when not wearing a mouthguard. More specifically, every athlete has a ten percent risk of dental injury during his or her sports season.

To help keep our kids healthy, Traverse City dentist, Dr. Brian Klym and his Northwood team encourage parents to schedule a mouthguard fitting or oral health examination for their student athletes.

While the chances are not extremely high for a dental sports injury, Dr. Klym knows when it does happen; the 10 percent figure is meaningless to the student and the parent of that athlete.

Rather than going through the experience of cracked or missing teeth, bruised, bleeding gums and damaged smiles, Dr. Klym recommends that your student athlete wears a custom-fit dental mouthguard during their participation in almost any type of "contact" sport.

In basketball, where mouthguards are often less common as protective gear, over a third of the injuries are to the face and mouth. Of these basketball-related injuries, the highest percentage is to the teeth and jaw. Varying degrees of injury can occur from knocking out a tooth, to cuts, contusions, and jaw fractures have been reported. The ADA figures almost a quarter of a million students avoid injuries each year in football alone.

Northwood Dental invites freshmen, junior varsity, and varsity athletes to schedule a fitting-visit and oral health exam at our office.

Also Night Mouth Guards: Our Northwood Dental Team can also create custom-made pressure laminated night mouth/teeth guards. These guards are comfortable to wear, are protective, resilient and are resistant to tearing.

To schedule your sport or night mouthguard fitting visit or oral heath examination, call our Northwood Dental office: 231-947-7202.

Dr. Brian Klym and his entire Northwood Dental team in Traverse City also serve patients from Thompsonville, Suttons Bay, Grayling, Kalkaska, Lake Ann, Empire, and Solon.