Sedation Dentistry: Who, Why, How, When?

Review what our patients say about anxiety free dental care. Learn why sedation dentistry was helpful in their decision to proceed with care. Some after putting it off for many years, finally having they've always wanted: total oral health and complete smile confidence.

Of course, oral conscious sedation is only one element of how our Northwood Dental team will make you comfortable during each and every visit...

Dr. Brian Klym and our entire team know many people avoid seeing the dentist because of various reasons. Some are fearful, others just uncomfortable about not knowing what might happen, or have had bad dental visit experiences in the past.

By combining advanced dentistry and painless treatment with a very inviting and comfortable environment and a caring team of professionals, our patients get a high level care.

When it comes to dental treatment, Dr. Klym is able to provide patients with exceptional results in comfort by utilizing oral conscious sedation.

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What Our Patients Say About Sedation Dentistry

Comfortably Enhance Your Smile and Your Health

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