Sedation Dentistry Appointments

The First Appointment

To attend that first visit is probably the most difficult part for many new patients even though it is basically a “get to know us” consultation. Of course, we will make this visit as stress, and anxiety free as possible.

Just call our office at (231) 947-7202 and talk to a Northwood Dental team member. We will schedule your first visit to talk with Dr. Klym, so you can learn more about him, our practice, and sedation, and we can understand your situation more fully.

Learn more about your visit below. To find what our patients say, click the following links.

The Examination

Our team will do a general health assessment and discuss your needs and wants. When you are comfortable, we'll take x-rays, and do a detailed evaluation of your mouth.

Talk with Dr. Klym and any Northwood Dental team member about your fears, and concerns before any dentistry is performed. You will learn more about I.V. sedation treatment, and the knowledge gained will empower you.

Provide us with an updated health history including any medications you take, which includes prescriptions, herbal remedies, vitamins, and supplements. Alcohol consumption and smoking may affect how well I.V. sedation works, so be sure to tell us about your health related habits.

VIDEO: Dr. Klym Talks About Sedation Dentistry

IV Sedation “Sleep” Dentistry

Because of Dr. Klym's training in I.V. sedation, he can perform a protocol that is customized to your particular needs.

While nothing we do or provide magically make fears or worries disappear, I.V. sedation offers confidence, and peace-of-mind so our patients can renew their dental health, and enhance their smile appearance. You can achieve more than you ever thought possible in what will seem like only a “few minutes” of your time.

Northwood Dental patients feel no discomfort or aftereffects from their sedation visit, whether it includes restorative, implant or cosmetic dentistry. Expect significant comfort and exceptional results with I.V. sedation dentistry from Northwood Dental in Traverse City.

Contact us or call us at (231) 947-7202.