Implant Types And Benefits

Dental implants have many advantages over removable dental restorations. The are many benefits getting dental implants. Some are short term and others strengthen your smile for the long haul. Whichever way you look at it, the permanence of dental implants makes them a cost-effect way to improve your smile, decrease re-dos, replacements, and realigns lead to less trips to the dentist for you.

Immediate Benefits

The benefits of dental implants address a multitude of serious dental and appearance issues.


If you have removable dental restorations, you might not be getting all the bite strength you could have with implant-supported dental restorations. The increased bite stability and strength that comes with dental implants greatly improves your bite power. Slippage while biting and chewing is a thing of the past.


Missing teeth have a strong impact on your appearance and self-confidence. Dental implant can actually help turn back the clock on your face. When your mouth is closed, a few missing teeth can alter the shape of your face. You no longer have to live with the inconvenience and embarrassment of missing teeth. Stop feeling self-consciousness about your appearance. Dental implants can get you feeling good about smiling again.

We can restore the function and aesthetics of a healthy smile through stable, secure dental implants. Replacing missing teeth with dental implants increases your self-esteem and "smile confidence" while functioning like your own natural teeth.


Are you having difficulty chewing? Missing teeth hamper your ability to bite and chew. Dental implants give you the ability to eat like normal again by restoring your ability to chew. Dental implants allow you to enjoy a healthier diet with a wider variety of foods. You'll have no more restrictions in your diet and can start enjoying most of your favorite foods again. Eating variety can increase as much 75% as compared to adhesive dentures. Eat all the foods you used to love!


If you are embarrassed to open your mouth you mumble and slur. Missing teeth affect your speech. Repairing them with implants will help you speak with confidence again. Implants can return your ability to speak clearly and eliminate slurring. Dental implants will have you back to speaking clearly, confidently, and in natural tones.

Long Term Benefits

Bones, Gums, & Teeth

Missing teeth have a serious impact on your health. Dental implants prevent future tooth and bone density loss while maintaining a full, permanent set of teeth. When you are missing a tooth, the gums in the area around the gap starts to recede and the bone weakens.

Dental implants prevent bone loss and deterioration while supporting bone structure and preserving bone mass. They keep your jaw stronger because they are fixed to the jawbone itself. Implants act as if they were natural teeth roots providing a secure connection between your gums and crowns, bridges, and dentures.

If you have a missing tooth, neighboring teeth are greatly effected. Since there is no longer a tooth or a tooth root to be supported, the jawbone and gum tissue in the area of the gap tend to recede. By getting dental implants, you will restore a root in the area of the gap, preventing bone loss and gun recession, both of which can have serious impact on your dental health. Dental implants also hide the seam line between the patient's gum line and the dental restoration that occurs as the gums recede.


Dental implants function just like natural tooth roots. This offers a number of dental health advantages. For one, your bite strength with dental restorations will be comparable to your bite strength with your natural teeth. In addition, there is added stability with dental implants compared to removable dental restorations. And since the dental implants function just like natural roots, bone loss and gum recession as a result of missing root structure is eliminated.

Comfort, Strength, and Stability

Implants can last for decades with proper home care and professional maintenance. Permanently placed teeth are healthier for your other teeth by increasing the stability of dental restorations.

Your dental implants will become a durable part of your smile. There is no risk of implants slipping out of place regardless of if you are laughing, speaking, or even just yawning.

You'll find the enhanced stability and security for your dental bridges, dentures, and individual dental crowns make implants the strongest form of teeth repair.

Tooth misalignment over time

Restoring root structure with implants can slow gradual teeth misalignment associated with a missing tooth or teeth. Preventing the recession of soft tissue, loss of bone density, and teeth misalignment makes dental implant a solid solution for teeth repair.


People who wear dentures know all to well the annoyances that come with adhesive dentures. Adhesive dentures constantly slip, click, and perform at under 25% eating proficiency. Not to mention the constant readjustments associated with a receding jawline.

With implant supported dentures, denture wearers get results they might not know were possible. Frequent denture slippage is eliminated by holding them in place with post embedded in the jawline. Dental implants put an end to irritated gums while eliminating slippage. Bite strength is increased greatly allowing you to eat your favorite foods you used to enjoy.

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